Made in Atelier Sherfi

Badoit Flavoured versions

Badoit Flavoured versions combines Badoit’s fine bubbles with a natural touch of fruit or herb. With its subtle, sugar-free flavours, Badoit Flavoured versions will add a touch of pleasure to your meal! With 3 simple, delicate flavours, Badoit Flavoured Waters allows you to rediscover a natural and refreshing sensation with a twist of lemon, lime or a mint leaf infused with Badoit water. There are also two new flavours created by Michelin-starred Chef Thierry Marx, who was inspired by the process of infusion to create these recipes. The Chef chose to combine the unique taste of Badoit with the flavours of two gourmet fruits, passion fruit and raspberry, which have been completely reinvented to create Badoit Passion and Badoit Raspberry.